Railway Stations in Andhra Pradesh with codes Railway station codes

 Railway Stations in Andhra Pradesh with codes Railway station codes
#CodeStation NameStatePlace
1 ADB Adilabad Andhra Pradesh  Adilabad
2 AKE Akanapet Andhra Pradesh  Akanapet
3 BDCR Bhadrachalam Road Andhra Pradesh  Bhadrachalam Road
4 BVRM Bhimavaram Junction Andhra Pradesh  Bhimavaram
5 BN Bibinagar Andhra Pradesh  Bibinagar
6 BMO Bolarum Andhra Pradesh  Bolarum
7 CJM Chinna Ganjam Andhra Pradesh  Chinna Ganjam
8 CBM Cumbum Andhra Pradesh  Cumbum
9 GID Giddalur Andhra Pradesh  Giddalur
10  JCL Jadcherla Andhra Pradesh  Jadcherla
11  KRY Kadiri Andhra Pradesh Kadiri
12  COA Kakinada Port Andhra Pradesh Kakinada Port
13  CCT Kakinada Town Andhra Pradesh Kakinada
14  KYOP Kottapalli Andhra Pradesh Kottapalli
15  KTV Kottavalasa Andhra Pradesh Kottavalasa
16  KCC Krishna Canal Andhra Pradesh Krishna Canal
17  MTM Machelipatnam Andhra Pradesh  Machelipatnam
18  MPL Madanapalle Rd Andhra Pradesh  Madanapalle Rd
19  MMS Mandasa Road Andhra Pradesh  Mandasa Road
20  MAG Mangalagiri Andhra Pradesh  Mangalagiri  
21  MUGR Manuguru Andhra Pradesh  Manuguru
22  MED Medchal Andhra Pradesh  Medchal
23  MZL Mirzapali Andhra Pradesh  Mirzapali
24  MLY Moula Ali Andhra Pradesh  Moula Ali
25  MOO Muddanuru Andhra Pradesh  Muddanuru
26  NRR Nagarur Andhra Pradesh  Nagarur
27  NBR Namburu Andhra Pradesh  Namburu
28  NS Narasapur Andhra Pradesh  Narasapur
29  NRT Narasaraopet Andhra Pradesh  Narasaraopet
30  NKD Nekonda Andhra Pradesh  Nekonda
31  NGNT New Guntur Andhra Pradesh  New Guntur
32  PVP Parvatipuram Andhra Pradesh  Parvatipuram
33  PKD Penukonda Andhra Pradesh  Penukonda
34  RLO Rayalcheruvu Andhra Pradesh  Rayalcheruvu
35  RECH Rechni Road Andhra Pradesh  Rechni Road
36  SNF Sanathnagar Andhra Pradesh  Sanathnagar
37  SRUR Sirpur Town Andhra Pradesh  Sirpur
38  SRNR Sriramnagar Andhra Pradesh  Sriramnagar
39  TLU Tarlupadu Andhra Pradesh  Tarlupadu
40  TIU Tilaru Andhra Pradesh  Tilaru

41  TMX Timmapur Andhra Pradesh  Timmapur
42  TSR Tsunduru Andhra Pradesh  Tsunduru
43  OPL Uppal Andhra Pradesh  Uppal
44  VTM Vetapalemu Andhra Pradesh  Vetapalemu
45  WDR Wadiaram Andhra Pradesh  Wadiaram
46  WPR Wanparti Road Andhra Pradesh  Wanparti Road
47  ZB Zahirabad Andhra Pradesh  Zahirabad
48  BGSF Bisugirsharif Andhra Pradesh  Bisugirsharif
49  BMH Betamcherla Andhra Pradesh Betamcherla
50  BTPD Bethampurdi Andhra Pradesh Bethampurdi

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